About Us

Maia is a movement towards happier relationships.

our mission

Our mission is simple: to empower couples all over the world to build stronger bonds, communicate more effectively, and enjoy a fulfilling relationship without the stigma often associated with seeking help. We believe in nurturing love that lasts, and Maia is here to guide you every step of the way.

We are committed to developing AI responsibly, focusing on privacy, security, and empathy, to ensure our technology promotes wellbeing and positivity. By doing so, Maia not only enhances relationships but also sets a standard for ethical technology use that respects and uplifts you and your relationship.

How it started

Like you, we’ve navigated the complexities of communication, tackled the challenges of conflict resolution, and experienced the profound fulfillment that a healthy relationship brings. Inspired by our own experiences, we created Maia—a tool designed to support all couples.

By merging our expertise in AI with a deep understanding of human emotions, we developed Maia to provide support that is both intelligent and intuitive, empowering couples everywhere to grow and thrive together.

Why Maia?

Maia is unique because our AI understands the intricacies of human emotions and the importance of meaningful communication. Here’s what makes Maia special:

Proactive Support

Advice that's available around the clock and conflict resolution tailored to your relationship's dynamics.

Personal Growth

Continuous learning and growth opportunities for both individuals and couples.

Deep Connection

Tools like conversation starters, date planning, and games that foster deeper understanding and shared experiences.

Trained by Experts

Maia is built by relationship science experts and borrows frameworks from therapeutic practices to offer advice.