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What's your modern love language? Take this quiz 🤔

Ever felt like traditional love language quizzes were a bit too...antiquated? Well, buckle up, because we're giving the classic Love Language quiz a major upgrade! Whether it's your bae, boo, or someone new, let's find out how you best give and receive love in today's love languages.


1. When your partner sends a "Good morning" text, you can't help but reply with:

a) "How about a weekend getaway?"

b) 🎙️ A voice message sharing the dream you just had about them.

c) "Just cleaned up the kitchen so you can relax today." 🧼

d) "Did you see this docu-series that just came out about our favorite artist?" 📺

e) Multiple heart emojis because a little extra love is always a good start to the day. ❤️❤️❤️

2. It’s date night! You’re most excited about:

a) Trying out that new TikTok challenge together after dinner.

b) A heartfelt conversation during a scenic evening walk.

c) 🍳 Cook a new recipe together!

d) Attending a live theater performance or a comedy show.

e) A cozy night in 🛋️, cuddling under a new weighted blanket you picked out together.

3. The perfect gift from your partner would be:

a) Concert tickets to see your favorite band.

b) A custom playlist of songs that tells the story of your relationship.

c) A surprise weekend getaway where all the plans are already made. ✈️

d) The latest tech gadget you’ve both been yapping about.

e) A day packed with pampering and your favorite treats. 🍰👐

4. On a lazy Sunday, you'd love to:

a) Explore a town nearby or a local festival. 🎈

b) Spend the day at a quiet spot by the lake, 🗨️ talking about your hopes and dreams.

c) Take the lead and organize a special day together for your partner.

d) Play a new board game that you've both been excited about.

e) Spend the morning in bed cuddling 🥰, followed by breakfast in bed.

5. You've had a long day and finally get a moment to text your partner. You:

a) Send a link to a top vacation spots list, hinting at a future trip.

b) Text a quote or article that make you think of them. 📖

c) Ask they need anything, like for you to pick up dinner or run an errand.

d) Share a meme 😄 about something you both love.

e) Send a "I miss you 💋."

6. Your partner's feeling low. How do you cheer them up?

a) Suggest a fun activity to distract them! 🚗💨

b) Listen patiently, offering support and a shoulder to cry on. ❤️

c) Whip up their favorite meal or take care of a dreaded chore to ease their stress.

d) Plan a movie night with their favorite films, especially ones you both know by heart.

e) 🤗 Give them a big hug, offer a soothing back rub, or just be there for them.

7. It's your anniversary! How do you celebrate?

a) Plan an adventure, like hot air ballooning or a city treasure hunt.

b) Create a personalized scrapbook 📚 of your relationship and your dreams for the future.

c) Handle all the arrangements: restaurant reservation, surprise party - the works!

d) Score tickets 🎟️ to an event that ties back to your first date or a special milestone.

e) Plan a relaxing evening at home with massages, wine, and romance. 😉

Score Your Quiz:

Count your responses and see which letter you chose most often to find out your Modern Love Language!

Mostly A's: The Adventurer

Looks like your idea of a perfect date night involves more ziplines than Netflix! Maybe you can plan the next adventure? You love excitement and shared activities that get your heart racing. Date nights should be thrilling, and your communication style is all about making each other laugh.

Date Idea: Hit up a local amusement park or plan a surprise adventure day filled with activities you both love.

Mostly B's: The Communicator

Deep, meaningful interactions are what you crave. You find emotional intimacy in long conversations and shared secrets, making your bond stronger with every heartfelt discussion. Feeling chatty? We bet you have some amazing conversation starters up your sleeve. Don't forget to tell your partner how much they mean to you too!

Date Night Idea: Reserve a quiet, intimate dinner spot or plan a night under the stars equipped with deep conversation starters from Maia. ✨

Mostly C's: The Helper

Acts of service speak volumes to you. You feel most loved when your partner makes your life easier, whether it’s tackling a chore together or surprising you with a planned out day to relax. Your partner is lucky to have someone so thoughtful. Maybe surprise them with their favorite takeout after your next act of service?

Date Night Idea: A couple’s cooking class or a DIY project at home where you can both contribute and enjoy the results.

Mostly D's: The Partner in Crime

You bond over shared interests and hobbies. Exploring new activities together keeps your relationship fun, whether it's geeking out over the latest tech releases or exploring new hobbies together. We bet you and your partner have a list of shared interests to explore together!

Date Night Idea: Attend a special exhibit or plan a themed movie marathon around your favorite series or genre.

Mostly E's: The Cuddler

For you, nothing beats physical closeness. You cherish every hug, kiss, and touch, finding comfort and love in the arms of your partner. They're the best!

Date Night Idea: A cozy home spa night where you can pamper each other or simply relax together in a comfy, romantic setting.

No matter your modern love language, Maia is here to help you and your partner deepen your connection. With customized activities and guided interactions, Maia makes understanding and speaking each other's love language fun, easy, and incredibly rewarding. Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Download Maia today. Share your quiz results and tag your partner to see if they know your love language as well as you do!

What's your modern love language?

  • The Adventurer

  • The Communicator

  • The Helper

  • The Partner in Crime



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